The most rewarding part of our job is the reaction of the patient when they see their new smile for the first time. For many it can be overwhelming when they get the smile makeover they have been dreaming of.

Understanding what a difference we make to the lives of our patients drives us to be the best in the game. Whether it is a one day smile makeover, or a more involved digital smile design we deliver the same levels of patient care.

DSC00405 IMG_9272
Digital Smile Makeover
Loraine Tchoumi

"Fantastic! I’m really happy. This is the best clinic to go to, literally THE best clinic to go to."

Smile Makeover
Danielle Murray

Oh my god I can't believe it! They are perfect, I love them!

DSC01004 Danielle Murray
Daniel Chantler IMG_6930
Smile Makeover
Daniel Chantler

Amazing! Massive difference. They just look right, right colour, right size, right shape, they just fit, they look so much better. There's nothing I would change.

Smile Makeover
Charlotte Dawson

I wish I had these when I was filming!

DSC00249 IMG_8438
DSC00743 IMG_0688
Smile Makeover
Demi Grimes

Absolutely love them! They’re fab I love the colour, I love the shape, everything! I was made to feel dead comfortable and they’re really approachable.

Smile Makeover
Anne Marie Clarke

Love them! I have had these amazing things put in my mouth and I'm absolutely delighted.

Anne Marie Clarke Anne Marie Clarke
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